With Vitamins and Minerals which contribute to the normal function of the immune system

The Plant Based Supplements

Each formula has been scientifically formulated using the most natural plant based ingredients to help optimise health. 

"Nurture Great Health" 

We all want to achieve the best health that we can possible and here at LyfeRoots our aim is the help you achieve the best possible health through using the highest quality nutritional supplements with plant based ingredients for optimal health. We ensure to support your Mind Body Nutrition through our Plant based ingredients to ensure you feel at your best every day.

Achieve optimal nutrition with LyfeRoots

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Stress support Relax Ease
Vegan Brain support
Vegan Women's Multivitamin
Vegan Men's Multvitamin

Plant Based Ingredients

Scientifically Tested

Most Bio-available Ingredients

Free From Additives


— F. Mak (Accountant)

“Relax Ease has changed my daily activities as I do not stress as I used to and find that I cannot start the day without my daily dose”

“Cognitive Support has helped me feel more focused and alert on a day to day basis.”

— J. Rodrigues (Researcher )


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